Itchy skin in pets is common year round but is worse in the summer. Dogs and cats can be miserable from chronic skin irritation.  People stay awake at night stressed by their pet's restlessness.  Here are some tips to help your pet's skin health:

Grooming- Daily brushing for medium and long coat breeds.  Regular clipping and grooming for continuously growing coats. This includes cats.  It is more difficult for older cats to effectively groom so they benefit from grooming and clipping.

Diet- many pets with itchy skin will benefit from natural supplements in high quality veterinary diets.  Some pets need hypoallergenic diets to help with their itchy skin.  See your veterinarian for adivice on this.

Parasite control-  our temperate climate means that fleas, ticks, lice and mites may be the source of your pet's itch.  We have many safe and effective parasite control products.

Bathing-  This reduces allergen exposure, flushes follicles, and decreases the bacterial and yeast numbers on skin.  Please ask us about our medicated baths.  Make sure to bathe your pet in cool water and towel dry.  Some cats will be happy to be bathed.