Periodontal disease (inflammation and infection of the teeth's supportive structures) is very common in adult cats and dogs.  It is painful and can lead to tooth loss and disease throughout the body. Most of the time, there are no symptoms in your pet.  All breeds can be affected, but small and short-muzzled breeds are most at risk.  Large breeds often have broken or injured teeth that owners are not aware of.

All Dental Services are discounted 10% for the month of February.  If you have been contemplating having a dental procedure of any type for your cat or dog then February is the month to do it. This discount includes pre anesthetic blood testing, dental anesthesia and medications, digital dental x-rays, extractions, ultrasonic scaling, and enamel polishing. 

We also offer a free dental assessment with a veterinarian for your pet if you would like a cost estimate.  No obligation.  

You will receive a free bag of dental diet -Hills t/d-  if you have a dental procedure done on your pet. This food will help you carry on good dental hygiene after a professional cleaning.

We also follow-up with a no-fee dental recheck with one of our veterinary technicians to demonstrate teeth brushing and good dental hygiene.